(01-Oct-2017 and 02-Oct-2017)

Vizianagaram is the abode of 500 year old rich cultural heritage. Vizianagaram is profoundly known as the cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh. Vizianagaram is a confluence tale of Five centuries that’s speaks about victory and velour. The sacrifices made by the Raja’s of Vizianagaram for the upliftment of people, services rendered for strongly infusing core democratic values, peace and order are unparalleled in history. Vizianagaram is symbolized by plurality of its culture which hosts varied collections of songs, music, dance, theatre, folk traditions , performing arts, rituals and writings which could be termed as Intangible Cultural Heritage. Vizianagaram never had a dearth of great eminent personalities who scaled new heights of possibilities and potential. Galaxy of radiant personalities like Gurajada Apparao, AdiBhatla Narayana Dasu, Kodi Rama Murthy, Dwaram Venkata Swami Naidu, P.Sushila, Maharaj kumar Vijayanand who excelled in the fields of music , arts ,sports and writings had glorified the name of Vizianagaram across space and time. They spearheaded the wheels of change in their domains and laid inspirational paths for the future generations.

“Desamunu preminchumanna – Manchi annadhi penchumanna”

‘’దేశమును ప్రేమించుమన్న – మంఛి అన్నది పెంచుమన్న’’

Above Pearl of words said by Mahakavi Sri Gurajada will remain eternally inspirational for us to follow his path. The Cultural Hereditary of Viziangaram has its own uniqueness. This Cultural heritage of ours is the key stone in the arch, for which all of us should thrive to protect, promote and excel in this fields. Vizianagaram UTSAV should be the avenue for showcasing scientific, industrial, art, cultural skills.

Vizianagaram UTSAV shares a “vision” for a holistic development. Learning from our earlier efforts it should be a synthesis of diversity to pen down a plan and path for the growth of Vizianagaram. Vizianagaram UTSAV may be seen as a venue, as an effort , as an opportunity to carry forward the light of glory.

In this regard, Vizianagaram UTSAV is being conducted in Vizianagaram District on 1st  and 2nd of October 2017. Vizianagaram District administration and UTSAV committee has decided to felicitate people who excelled In their fields / disciplines in INDIA or Abroad who are natives of Vizianagaram District. Those who are born and did schooling in Vizianagaram and who brought profound reputation to Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh and India with their services . The Selected personalities will be felicitated by the Utsav committee at Anand Gajapthi Auditorium by the Chief guests.

Collector and President of the Festival Committee